Kayak Tour

Price per person: 


We will gather at “Fietsen in Suriname” and travel by car to the start of this tour, the Coropina creek. From there on we will start to sail our kayak to plantation “Hanover”. We’ll sail through small and bushy creeks, this way we can probably spot some wild animals like the colorful parrots. While we have a good lunch at the banks of the creek we can enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

Inclusive: experienced guide, transport, kayaks and other supplies, lunch, medical kit and life jackets.

Frequently asked questions

How’s the weather?


Because of the wind you won’t notice how bright the sun shines, so make sure you will protect yourselves frequently by using sunscreen, factor 30 at least.

Is this kayak tour tough/heavy?

No, everybody in average condition and health can participate to this tour.

What kind of kayak do you use?

We use Mad River canoe . The canoe have flat soils, this way they are very stable.  They have a comfortable seat and enough space for luggage.

Length: 5 meters

Width: 71 centimeters

Weight: 28 kilograms

Can I go without any experience?

Anybody without experience can go with us on this trip. We do advice people who are inexperienced to practice some times to get a little experience. The whole tour there will be an experienced guide who will help you.

Will there be dangerous animals?

Basically there will be no dangerous animals, but you will see a lot of mosquitos during the evening. Make sure you have some spray, a t-shirt with long sleeves and a pair of trousers to protect yourself against mosquitos.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

Almost all equipment will be made available by Travel4Pros. If you  have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will get an e-mail with extensive pack list from us.

Are there any age-limits?

Basically we don’t have age-limits. We do find it more important that you are flexible and a team player. This trip goes through a wild and unpopulated nature, so there might be a chance that we make another route than the route that we had in mind.

Excluded: insurance, any personal expenses.