Sport bicycles

Cannondale racebike

This is a decent bike. Do you want to stay fit during your vacation, or do you want to compete in a racing competition in Suriname? This bike is just the bike you need.  

Per day: € 25.00 | Per week: € 125.00 | Per month: € 375.00

Canondale Trail 5 Mountainbike

Do you want a day of cycling through rough landscape and get dirty on a mountainbike? Well choose this bike! A good bicycle with 1x11 speed, tires suitable for rough terrain, muddy roads, steep inclines and slippery descents.  

Per day: € 20.00 | Per week: € 100.00 | Per month: € 300.00

Cannondale fitness bike with 27 speed

QUICK CX 4 is a bike for those who don't need a racing bike or mountainbike. This bike is perfect for high speed and long distance rides, but it's also ideal for downtown.  

Per day: € 15.00 | Per week: € 75.00 | Per month: € 225.00

City bikes

Gazelle NL

A handy orange Gazelle bike! This bike is able to carry most of your luggage, it has a luggage carrier on the front and back, this comfortable unisex bike with wide handlebars is able to handle long distance rides. Broad tires makes this bike suitable for unpaved roads, and they are an eye catcher because of their bright color.    

Per day: € 10.00 | Per week: € 50.00 | Per month: € 150.00


Tandem for parents with young children

This tandem is appropriate for parents with young children, it's very safe because as a parent you have the driver's seat. This bike has two seven gears and hand brakes. Suitable for children between 5 - 10.  

Per day: € 12.50 | Per week: € 62.50 | Per month: € 187.50

Kids bikes

children's bike

We have bikes for boys and girls! these bikes have gears, manual brakes but also back pedal brakes. Suitable for children that are able to ride the bike on their own. Age group 8 - 10 years (depending on their length)  

Per day: € 2.50 | Per week: € 12.50 | Per month: € 37.50


Cycle bag

A solid cycle bag from Orlieb. These bags are waterproof and fit on all carriers. The bag has a cover which ensures that the bag can not fall from the carrier.

Per day: € 1.00 | Per week: € 5.00 | Per month: € 15.00

Children's seat

Safe on the road with your little one. This lightweight front seat has an enlarged ''entry seat'' so your child is comfortable but still safe.

Per day: € 2.00 | Per week: € 10.00 | Per month: € 30.00


A solid green crate that fits on our bikes. This crate is more than suitable for multiple day trips because of it's storage size.

Per day: € 1.00 | Per week: € 5.00 | Per month: € 15.00