City Bike tours

City Bike Tour Paramaribo

A very welcome in unknown city, is a citytour. You will experience the most important parts of that city. By doing this tour it is possible to experience Paramaribo. Our guide will take you through the history of our “wooden city” Paramaribo by bicycle.

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Plantation Tours

Peperpot Plantation Bike Tour

Peperpot is an old plantation, not far from Paramaribo at the other side of the Suriname river. In the 19th century it was a coffee and cacao plantation, settled by family Jansen. At the old factory there are still two old plantation houses, an old coffee warehouse from 1808, and a coffee and cacao factory. This plantation was used until 1996. Peperpot is a famous attraction for tourists, but also for birdwatchers. If you are lucky, you will find different kind of animals like squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys and sapakaras (giant lizards).

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Fortress Nieuw Amsterdam - Plantation Peperpot Bike tour

Fortress Nieuw Amsterdam was built in the 18th century near to the Surinameriver to protect plantations against invaders and piraters. The fortress is now an open air museum. Peperpot is an old coffee and cacao plantation that was taken over by the family Jansen in the 19th century. At the old plantation we can still find two old plantation houses, a coffee warehouse from 1808, an old coffee and cacao factory. The plantation was used until 1996

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Do-it-yourself Tours

DIY 2 Days Bicycle Tour

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tour to Commewijne by bike without a guide? That’s possible with our independent bicycle tour. You will get an extensive route-explanation, a bike and a voucher which can be used for a night at Bastion.

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Do-it-yourself 4 Day Bicycle Tour

This diverse bycicle tour gives you a good image of the colonial history and the current life in the district Commewijne. After the abolishment of the slavery in 1863, workers from India (Hindus) and Indonasia (Java) were brought to work at the plantations. Nowadays the population of Commewijne is about 50% Javanese, 30% Hindu and the other 20% Afro-Suriname, Chinese and European.

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Sea turtles Tours

Sea turtle tour a the Braamspunt Beach

The turtles are a must-see for anyone who visits Surinam. Matapica has two kinds of turtles: the tortoise and the leatherback. The turtle season runs from late february till july.

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Canoe Tours

Kayak Tour

Discover the tropical world with its beautiful forest, creeks and rivers. While this special creek next to Paramaribo leads you the way you may enjoy the pure nature of Suriname. The Coropina creek lies close to the airport Zanderij, at less than an hour from Paramaribo. It is a beautiful area where you have to keep your eyes open, a lot of wild animals like monkey’s, capybara’s, caimans and a lot of special birds like parrots can be spotted here! The area exist for a big part out of creeks and interlinked swamps, which makes it an area with a lot of water. Perfect for nature lovers, adventurers, young and old!

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Coesewijne Kanotour

The Coesewijne Nature Reserve, north-west from Paramaribo is a special area. This area is totally different from other rainforest areas in the south of Suriname. In this watery area with swamps, savannas and tidal forests we will seek for capybaras, giant otters, caimans, manatees, monkeys and a lot of special birds, like the harpy eagle. This will be a big adventure for young and old.

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Brownsberg Canoe Adventure

Brownsberg is a beautiful tour with unique consistency of nature adventure and survival. Experience the Brownsberg nature in a whole different way and enjoy from a night sleeping on a desert island under a beautiful sky full of stars!

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MTB Tours

Katwijk Plantation Mountainbike Tour

This tour has a good combination of history and action. If you want to do this tour, you shouldn’t be afraid to get dirty. During the rainy time it can be very slippery, so that means it can be a tour of trial and error.

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Spoorbaan Mountainbike tour

This is a various 2 day mountain bike tour through the savanna in the area of camping Palulu near airport Zanderij. This tour is for everybody who enjoys sportive, adventurous activities and doesn’t mind to push boundaries.

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Brownsberg Mountainbike Tour

The Brownsberg MTB tour is a challenge, but at the same time you can enjoy nature. This challenging mountain bike tour will take us to the top of the Brownsberg Naturepark, which is located approximately 500m above sea level. Highly recommended for sportive types and nature lovers!

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Powa Challenge Moutainbike Tour

If you are experienced in riding a mountain bike, a good cycler or if you just want to take a challenge you should sign up for the Powa Challenge MTB tour. This is a tough mountain bike tour where we will climb several mountains. We will start this tour at Carolina and we’ll pass “Blaka Watra”, water reservoir and after four days we’ll arrive at the top of the Brownsberg. During this tour we will pass several landscapes (forest types), hills and different surfaces. Mainly mining activities (gold and crushed stone) and logging can be found here.

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Apoera Mountainbike Challenge

This tour is a challenge for everybody to see the inlands of Suriname. With our mountain bikes we cycle through jungle, savannah, and bauxite roads. This tour goes through 5 stages and is 320 kilometers long. Every stage has a different difficulty degree and are between 49 and 72 kilometers long.

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Jungle Tours

Brownsberg Natuurpark Daytour

The Brownsberg Nature Reserve is a 3 hour drive from Paramaribo to the Brokopondo district. Brokopondo covers approximately 12,000 hectares! You will hear the story of bauxite, energy production and the transmigration villages that you pass on the way to Brownsberg. There's a stunning view over the Brokopondo reservoir at the foot of the mountain. Once you're at the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking, a great moment to capture in a photo. The mountain has a lot of wildlife like forest rabbits, beautiful butterflies, trumpet birds, snakes, squirrel monkeys, and even more animals that live in this reserve.

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Avanavero Jungle Tour

With this activity, we make an exciting jeep tour through the Surinamese jungle to the border of Suriname and Guyana. Little people and a lot of wildlife makes a real spectacle from this tour.

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