Powa Challenge Moutainbike Tour

Price per person: 

Day 1

The tour starts at Caroline where we immediately start to cycle a little mountain. We’ll pass the Indian villages “Pierre Kondre”, “Redi Doti” and “Kasipora” and head to the South. The surface is nice to cycle on; hard sand with a few rocks. The route has some little climbs from around 400 meters, this way you can get used to the climbing. After 30 kilometers we will arrive at a broad main road, maintained by the Antino Mine, a subisdiary of MNO vervat. This road is perfect for racing! After leaving this big broad road it is only a few miles before we arrive at a plateau where we have a beautiful view. We’ll settle our tents and spend the night here. t 30 km we arrive at a broad road maintained by Antino Mine, a subsidiary of MNO Vervat, we will encounter. Huge trucks with crushed stone for road construction Racing only! When leaving this big wide road is a few miles to cycle whose last three miles an intense climb before we reach a plateau with fantastic views. Here we set up tents and we will spend the night. Today we will cycle around 53 kilometers.

Day 2

This will be a tough day! We’ll cycle through a landscape with beautiful nature and a lot of hills. At the end of the day, after cycling a distance of 41 kilometers we will arrive at the luxury resort Afobaka. We will enjoy our meals and stay the night at these luxury homes.

Day 3

After waking up from a good night sleep we will cycle a few kilometers to irrigation dam where we’ll have an amazing view over the Brokopondolake. From here on we’ll climb the Brownsberg (15 kilometers). We will stay the night in hammocks at the top of the mountains. Today we will cycle 47 kilometers.  

Day 4

The last day we will walk, instead of cycling down the Brownsberg to go to the waterfalls. In the afternoon we’ll cycle to Stone island where we have lunch and the opportunity to bathe. We’ll go back to Paramaribo by car.  

Inclusive: bicycle, guide, overnight stays in tent and hammock, meals and transportation.